Investment Approach


Investment Approach


When it comes to serving a large, multigenerational family, there are no standard answers.  Guiding a family through life’s inevitable transitions, navigating complex family dynamics, providing sophisticated investment advice and financial continuity – all require special expertise and extensive experience on the part of the family office advisor and financial institution alike.  We offer the finest of both.

Addressing family dynamics and values above and beyond the financial factors is critical to a family’s long-term success.  This is a belief we trace back to our company’s founding family.  In fact, Synovus Family Asset Management began as a private family office for that family, a relationship that still extends today over six generations. 

Effectively Managing Family Investments, One Family Member at a Time

The challenge in managing family investments is addressing each individual’s goals in context of the entire family. As family wealth passes from generation to generation, the complexity of managing assets multiplies.  Proceeds from original trusts are distributed and new trusts created.  Each family member will have unique needs and goals— some focused on growth, others on income, or charitable giving, or any combination.

One of our important functions is cost-effectively providing investment oversight, identifying the right resources to manage diverse investment objectives, tracking performance, and ensuring that the differing and evolving needs of all members are met.  With expertise in the complexities in managing the family’s multi-account assets, we understand the importance of developing and following an individualized investment approach for all, with a unified framework.

Individual Investment Flexibility, With the Collective Family in Mind

We design portfolios to help family members pursue the goals that bring meaning to their lives. With a combination of analytical sophistication and uniquely personal sensitivity to matching family members with investment managers, our family office advisor will help develop written investment policies, a critical step in establishing sound foundations for asset allocation and manager selection.  All based on each individual’s goals and risk tolerance— beyond dollars and percentages. 

Taking into consideration factors such as existing concentrated stock positions and business ownership interests, each portfolio is managed with both the individual and the family in mind, with reporting on an individual basis as well as a family-wide overview.  Our flexible investment approach incorporates the nation’s premier managers across a complete range of specialties and asset classes, including alternative asset classes such as hedge funds.  All have passed a stringent due diligence process and comprehensive ongoing review.


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